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22.07.16 14:42 Uhr

The Memo Summercup will start soon and we have some changes for this in our squad.

Bocas and Amazone left us for this cup to play with Pas42, but we get some incredible new soldiers.

5 guys from LoP (Sleven,Alvarez aka Flipflop, Gio, Gorr and Blackout [fu mystel]) and Aimbot from FG joined us. So i want to say welcome to Gun|Bf and have fran.

Lets see which place we can get in the Memo-Cup.



Autor: knaso
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Die GUN|Kicktipp-Runde zur EM 2016 startet
03.06.16 10:18 Uhr

Es ist wieder soweit. Die Europameisterschaft steht vor der Tür.

Natürlich sollen wieder so viele wie möglich von euch dabei sein. Anmelden könnt ihr euch hier. Achtet bitte auch darauf das wir Bonusfragen zu beantworten haben, welche gleich an Anfang mit beantwortet werden müssen. Ich wünsche euch allen viel Spaß und trotzdem hoffe ich natürlich das ich gewinne.


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Autor: Fran
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New recruit
12.02.16 15:59 Uhr
We have a new member in our GUN family . Thunderv3 . Some will know him already from CBS or public server . He will try to support Bocas and Vale in the air.
Welcome to GUN. Have fun and kick some kacknoob asses.

Autor: knaso
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Til hamingju með afmælið, Nani!
29.06.15 08:35 Uhr

It is about time we have ourselfs a birthday news again. Today i want to send my best wishes to our islandic hero is Nani, who is a big help in organising our battlefield-team. Without his hard work on keeping things going, we would not be able to have good matches on regular basis and cant even thing of playing in the league. All the best to our man with the most calm voice i can think of.

This one is for you. Its way better then if i would do it, believe me.


Autor: Fran
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New recruits - Part three!
29.03.15 18:03 Uhr

For part one click here

For part two click here


Part three

Even having already acquired two new soldiers we still kept going, headed to Austria this time. Going to Austria when we were already successful in Germany might seem like an irrational decision but Vale had been talking about his mother's pancakes throughout the trip. As soon as Fran was out of sight he started planting the idea of these delicious pancakes in my head. Subtle hints about how much he wanted us to stop by his mother's house in Austria soon turned into moaning and after we picked up Knaso he had been ranting non stop. Sigh. To make things even worse for me, he started manipulating Amazone as soon as she joined us and now she too was convinced that eating those pancakes would be the highlight of the year. Having these two begging like kids really made it difficult for me to not give in and agree to Austria as our next destination, so surrendered with the condition that we had to find one new soldier on the way.

After few days on the road we made it over the border to Austria, without finding our third recruit. Vale was becoming a little bit frustrated because he didn't want the search for our next recruit to stall the pancake mission. That's when he got the idea of using the pancakes to our advantage, all we needed to do was to find a soldier and promise him the best pancakes imaginable for joining our cause. With this new plan we located the nearest army base that would not deviate our journey too much. The next day we arrived late in the evening in a small village close to a big army base and without any hesitation Vale parked our APC outside a local pub. The place was packed with semi-drunk soldiers and to gain their attention Vale announced a shooting competition with an amazing prize for the winner, without disclosing what exactly the prize would be.

After a fierce competition a soldier called Indi was announced winner. Indi had maintained his composure the whole time and hit his targets with high accuracy making him a worthy winner. Once Vale had explained to Indi what he had in fact won he became a bit skeptical and pissed off as he had been expecting a nice cash prize. Vale assured him that the pancakes were better than any cash prize, eventually convincing Indi to join us. Indi, still being doubtful, informed us that he would use us as live targets if this was not worthwhile. When we were back on the road I turned my head to Vale and quitely whispered: "Those bluddy pancakes better be as good as you say!"

To be continued...



Autor: Nani
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New recruits - Part two!
29.03.15 18:01 Uhr

For part one click here


Part two

Having tricked the first soldier into joining us we started believing in our task again, but our journey was just getting started. Having recovered from the gruesome night before we headed towards north-eastern Germany, where rumours were spreading about some super soldier being based in that part of the country. According to the stories, this soldier had been holding back enemy forces single handedly for a few days without showing any sign of weakness. This was our guy. We had to move with haste or risk losing any trace of him, or even see rival battalions reach him first.

Just like the previous day the weather was not doing us any favours and it took a while for us to get out of the muddy forest terrain, but eventually we made it to something that resembled a road. After a few days on the move, taking turns driving and resting, we were closing in on the last reported sighting of our super soldier. As we drew closer piles of bodies started appearing on the side of the road, and they were only getting bigger. It was clear that this was no joekeo. Now we started discussing amongst ourselves how to approach this super soldier. Vale suggested using Amazone as a bait to lure him in, but Amazone had different views on the situation. She wanted to locate a group of enemies, brutally murder them, and offer their bodies as a sacrifice to the soldier. Surely that would do the trick. When everyone had settled on this plan and we were about to execute it we heard something outside of our APC. While discussing our plan of action a group of enemies had sneaked up on us and surrounded our vehicle, now we were stuck in a real pickle.

We had no other option than to surrender to our enemies and hope for their mercy. To our dismay, mercy was not something they had in mind. Before long we got lined up, with our hands and feet bound, looking down in the mud awaiting our execution. Vale had lost all hope and muttered something about how se Räkan would never have let anything like this happen to him. In this moment I saw a glimpse of a shadow in the distance and before I could comprehend what I saw everything around us lit up and I got knocked down. For a while all I could hear were shouts and gunfire but all of a sudden everything stopped. Then we heard an unfamiliar voice say: "Looks like you need some help". This is how de knaso joined our expedition.


Part three


Autor: Nani
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